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3 Jours de Chartreuse

RDV du 17 au 19 mai 2012.

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2 février 2007 5 02 /02 /février /2007 14:40

Interview de FP


I will answer in English for our Scottish climbing (rather than running actually) partners …trying to integrate the other way round!



Tu es inscrit(e) au Défi 2007, peux tu te présenter? que fais tu dans la vie?

My name is Frédérique Pariset, I am 42 and currently working in a company in the field of in vitro diagnostic in business development & investors relations. I like swimming, cross country skiing and running


Quel est ton niveau de trailer ou de coureur sur route?

I have been running for more than 3 years and I discovered Trail 2 years ago and really liked it !

I am an average runner and do not pay much attention to my track (and trail) records…I am mainly aiming at finishing a race in good physical shape !


Quels sont tes objectifs pour ce 16ème Défi de l'Oisans, et pour la saison 2007?

Having running and climbing holidays, trying my best and completing as many stages as possible on my 2 legs and with all my consciousness !!! Otherwise, I will keep running 25 to 35km trails on a regular basis and maybe a couple of marathons.


Comment as tu connu le Défi de l'Oisans, et que viens tu y chercher , dépassement de soi même, ambiance, communion avec la nature?

I must confess I initially wanted to run on the GR20 across Corsica, but the dates did not suit to me. I heard of « Le Défi » but initially thought it would be too hard but was then convinced by Patrick ! I do appreciate the organization and the support of a medical staff. Finally I used to go skiing and hiking in this area of the Alpes quite a lot, I liked it a lot and I found it fun to try the ”running way” !


En un mot, pour toi, le Défi c'est .... A good sport challenge, in a well preserved site, with various profiles of trailers….But on top of all BREATH & LEGS !


Frédérique en tenue non règlementaire pour le Défi, mais avec une tenue qui a de la tenue!!










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